BOOMI is a platform for everything related to sustainability. Today, BOOMI has gone from being simply a brand to becoming a complete platform. Our platform is home to various local, credible, purpose-driven businesses covering people’s sustainability needs, information, and services.

BOOMI’s vision is to build China’s largest and most trusted ecosystem for all things sustainability in mainland China. Our mission is to make eco-friendly living simple and empower people to make a positive difference every day.

BOOMI started with bamboo toothbrushes, we wanted to build something that was simple yet powerful. After realizing the good impact, it could have on people’s daily lives and, on the planet, the selection of BOOMI products grew much more.

The word “boomi” comes from the Indonesian word “bumi”, which means earth. We are more than a company with great brands, we are a complete community and platform to connect and inspire people to make a difference in the world, step by step. How will you help make this change?

As part of our BOOMI Forest Initiative, we are committed to contributing 8.8% of our total revenue to planting trees in Inner Mongolia. This project is designed to improve both ecological and humanitarian conditions there. It also encompasses true capacity building as the local population is intimately involved with, and benefits from, every step of planting, maintaining and monitoring the trees.