Over 25 years of manufacturing high-quality customized furniture, our company understands each customer’s unique requirements in styles and materials. We provide the professional advice about the wide range of furniture designs as well as the technical possibilities and the limitations of furniture designs.

MAWOOX is producing mainly the standing-alone and built-in furniture pieces in the living space. We secure our quality by using high-quality raw materials e.g. hardwood from the US imported, high-grade plywood and veneer (no MDF), premium hardware brands of Blum (Austria) and Haefele (Germany), high-density virgin foam, non-toxic leach-out water-based surface treatment, and stainless steel in various color tones from brass to titanium.

Besides the new furniture production, we renew the furniture. Once the renewal is done, those beloved vintage furniture pieces become quasi-new furniture but still maintaining the original structure and the special attachments of the customers.

Having long-term cooperation with several award-winning design institutes shows  MAWOOX high standard of quality and service. Numerous private expats customers have been using our furniture and the most of them are returning customers or recommended by other customers.

The MAWOOX signature quality is made by the close hand-in-hand collaboration between the CUSTOMER and MAWOOX TEAM in shaping process.